tirsdag den 17. marts 2015

Spring is here...

Actually I was very tired when I came home last night after a long day at work. I thought I had to lie down on the sofa while my husband was cooking dinner. So I grabbed for my tablet and clicked on Pinterest. This is a great kind of relaxation while I am dreaming of all the things I could create if I had the time..

Beside my sofa I have a lemon tree and I noticed is it blooming. I lead me to the spring theme looking for items for my Outdoor Living, and my Conservatory theme. Then I came across this small table ... 1:1 of course...and a new idea was born.

Suddenly I wasn´t that tired anymore. If you are a miniaturist too I think you know the feeling. I had to work. It took me several hours to get it the way I wanted, but here it is...

And it certainly is spring now...

mandag den 9. marts 2015

Table mirror for ballerinas

I have been working on new table mirrors lately. Here is one that will go into the Ballerina Shop.

I use the figurine to show different kinds of tiaras et cetera. It´s orginally from Heidi Ott, I chose to paint it to make it look like a very old mannequin.

søndag den 1. marts 2015

Angel wings for the Ballerina shop

Angel wings are a must in so many ballerina costumes, I think. Actually, this sweet picture is of my aunt when she was a little girl. I think my grandma made the costume for her, she was a seamstress.
I am also occupied with the ballerina theme in my 1:1 life, I keep the picture in my living room -  but it is in 1:12 that I realize my ideas.

Angel wings are a must in many ballerina  costumes, I think. I have been facinated with such wings for a long time. And I have been trying to make some not really having enough time for the trial-and-error-process you know is necessary when you want to develop new items. But then a week ago I had some vacation days and I knew what to do...

My prototype was the white wings, and then I began to dye the lace with different shades of brown using instant coffee ..

They look good with the french crowns, I think.

I need to make some feather wings too, but that´s another day...

onsdag den 18. februar 2015

And the winner is...

Time for finding the winner of the Valentine Give Away


Congratulations to: Yolanda Moran!
Yolanda, please E-mail me, Your contact information doesnt show..´

lørdag den 14. februar 2015

Be my valentine...

To celebrate Valetines Day I am having a give away and you could be the luckly winner of a balleina powder box and a jewelry box with a pair of earrings inside. 

All you have to do is to be or become a member of my blog and write a comment on this blog post. 

I´ll make the draw on the 18th of february.

Happy Valentines day!

fredag den 13. februar 2015

Small metal boxes

The Ballerina Shop do not wish to be limited to ballet costumes but also includes vintage items within a wide definition of the ballerina theme. I like it to be a bit of an antique shop too. You might have guessed that allready ;-) 

So I worked with some small boxes these past days (nights actually since my job is daytime.), inspired by the Ballerina theme. I made some powder boxes with ballerinas on the lid....no need to say I added a lot of patina. And I made oval boxes for jewelry with pink earrings (sticks) inside. 
I´ve listed a few for my Etsy shop too...

tirsdag den 10. februar 2015

How to make the floor

I promised to make a tutorial for the painted and worn floor, and here is is...
You need:

Matte paint
Clean wooden floor
Plastic sheet
Disposable washcloth
Rubber band
Sand paper
Cup of tea

Start making the stencils. I made a 3x3 cm tile stencil for this floor. Just draw the lines with the help of a ruler and cut. I found a picture of the french lilly on the internet, printed it, glued it to a plastic sheet and cut that out too. 

Now you need one more tool, you would like to dab the paint on, not to paint. I fold a disposable washloth and use a rubber band to keep it the way I like.

Then for the paint. I´ved used Vintage paint from Jeanne D´Arch Living,
 but any matte paint will doo. Are you wondering about the tea, it is ready soon...

I start in one corner. Don´t worry about not being precise enough, and only use a bit of paint. You will need a place to wipe off the exeeding paint from your dab tool. 

OMG did you make a mistake? Don´t worry. Keep an extra cloth and some water by your side, and just wash.  Now for the tea...

Did you wonder what it was for? Just take a break. You can´t paint all of the tiles at one time. There will be some drying time too.

Finished the tiles. It looks ugly doesn´t. it? Things will get better.
Now for the french lillys...

I still don´t make an effort of making it very precise...things will get better in the sanding process...

It makes a whole lot of difference, doesn´t it. Remember to allways sand with the lines of the wood. Now you might add som natural wax or just leave it as it is...

No two floors will be exactly the same. The difference here is not only due to the direction of the lilly but also the structure of the wood. Have fun!