onsdag den 1. april 2015

This wall...and Happy easter!

I didn´t tear one down ;-) -  but tried to make a realistic one for the inside back wall of my flower shop project. But OMG so many choises to take, it really made me ambigious. I wanted to use Magic - a system with different kinds of tile-tape and grout, and I wanted a worn brick wall.

You can choose between a classic red brick  or a white one but he latter one has a more sandy structure. And then there is the joints,..you also have to choose your color.

I made a lot of samples of both, knowing that I would paint on the finished bricks too. Should I "dress down" the red one, or pimp the white one? I ended up with the last try, but then I made the choise to make it on a separate sheet of thick card stock (no wood available at the moment). Should not have done that, because some of the tape ate the card stock in different places! Large damage!

After lots of consideration I chose to keep the card stock wall and to make something out of the damage. Who has ever seen such an old wall undamaged?

I´ve painted each tile individually with a basic color and then added spots of brown, green, grey and terracotta on strategic places. Then I added sand filler for the missing parts and several other places too.

Hope you like it. It bought the Magic at Miniseum, the flowers are made by Mette Sauermilch Laurentz, and Cilla Halbert made the Chandelier, thanks.

Wishing all miniaturists a happy easter!

mandag den 30. marts 2015

Flower shop beginnings...

I started working on a new project yesterday, I´ve been thinking about it for a long time, though. I like using Pinterest here, some pictures are on my boards, and some in my mind.

 I´ve used a simple basic wooden shop design as a base for my flower shop project. It´s very small, but it´s a start. You can allways move to larger rooms, can´t you?

I´started painting the outer walls with a sand filler. I had to add a little water and to add three times "painting", letting it dry each time before the new layer. This makes it possible for you to decide where you want the thickest layers placed.

Then I went for the painting process, chosing a small amount for my purpose. I chose a matte french beige color and added water, I like it quite thin. Then I added just tiny bits of raw umber. I had the clean water beside me too. This makes it possible to get a large palette of nuances.

I start with the basic color, but it quickly dries and you can add more nuances from your palettte by mixing the different colors. Allways use a lot of water.

Please note that the shop is only in a very preliminary stage. This is just some items I had in hand, saving the beautiful snow flowers from Mette Sauermilch Laurenz for the purpose. though. I just use the items to find out how I want things placed. Often I exclude an object or change the colors.

The next step was to make the floor tiles. This floor is made like the "tiletorial" I´ve publised earlier, This time surface of the tiles are painted not a print.

I actually haven´t decided for the walls yet. This paper (bought) is still only folded around the wall. I am thinking of making a very raw tile wall....and I want to add trimmings and mouldings too.

All items are as mentioned just for trying and showing...The beautiful large flower arrangement that Mette Sauermilch Laurentz made is of course one of my keeps.

The paint on the windows and doors looks a bit blue on this screen, it is actually black with a hint of dark green...

I´ll make a post about the inner walls later..

tirsdag den 17. marts 2015

Spring is here...

Actually I was very tired when I came home last night after a long day at work. I thought I had to lie down on the sofa while my husband was cooking dinner. So I grabbed for my tablet and clicked on Pinterest. This is a great kind of relaxation while I am dreaming of all the things I could create if I had the time..

Beside my sofa I have a lemon tree and I noticed is it blooming. I lead me to the spring theme looking for items for my Outdoor Living, and my Conservatory theme. Then I came across this small table ... 1:1 of course...and a new idea was born.

Suddenly I wasn´t that tired anymore. If you are a miniaturist too I think you know the feeling. I had to work. It took me several hours to get it the way I wanted, but here it is...

And it certainly is spring now...

mandag den 9. marts 2015

Table mirror for ballerinas

I have been working on new table mirrors lately. Here is one that will go into the Ballerina Shop.

I use the figurine to show different kinds of tiaras et cetera. It´s orginally from Heidi Ott, I chose to paint it to make it look like a very old mannequin.

søndag den 1. marts 2015

Angel wings for the Ballerina shop

Angel wings are a must in so many ballerina costumes, I think. Actually, this sweet picture is of my aunt when she was a little girl. I think my grandma made the costume for her, she was a seamstress.
I am also occupied with the ballerina theme in my 1:1 life, I keep the picture in my living room -  but it is in 1:12 that I realize my ideas.

Angel wings are a must in many ballerina  costumes, I think. I have been facinated with such wings for a long time. And I have been trying to make some not really having enough time for the trial-and-error-process you know is necessary when you want to develop new items. But then a week ago I had some vacation days and I knew what to do...

My prototype was the white wings, and then I began to dye the lace with different shades of brown using instant coffee ..

They look good with the french crowns, I think.

I need to make some feather wings too, but that´s another day...

onsdag den 18. februar 2015

And the winner is...

Time for finding the winner of the Valentine Give Away


Congratulations to: Yolanda Moran!
Yolanda, please E-mail me, Your contact information doesnt show..´

lørdag den 14. februar 2015

Be my valentine...

To celebrate Valetines Day I am having a give away and you could be the luckly winner of a balleina powder box and a jewelry box with a pair of earrings inside. 

All you have to do is to be or become a member of my blog and write a comment on this blog post. 

I´ll make the draw on the 18th of february.

Happy Valentines day!